Running Knowledge

Having worked in a generalists environment for many years I have seen a set of core capabilities and concept understandings that new hiers should have. This will be a running list of those items.


I decided to do Hacktoberfest and work on an open issue for Logstash.

Operations Dashboards

Collection of operations dashboards I have found. Email me to add more

#2 Pencil (VR)

Prototype of a VR Adventure game. You can play as a selected avatar and a god through out. Collect powers as an avatar to use as a god. Here is a link to a video showing the game in action Binary is located here: #2Pencil Download Source zip is located here: #2Pencil Download I am really glad to have finally finished this prototype. It took over 4 months typically at 8-10 hours a week.

Machine Learning

An example of using machine learining to generate music. Came accross this post about using machine learning to generate music How to Generate Music using a LSTM Neural Network in Kera Keep in mind I don’t know enough about machine learning to have done something like this on my own. But that did not stop me from running the doom and doom II midi files through it to see what would come out.

Cuda Installation - Fedora 27

Installing cuda on fedora 27 Follow the instructions from David Pearson’s article at Installing Nvidia’s CUDA 9.1 on Fedora 27 follow steps 3-11. Log out and log back in, or source your new .bash_profile for that terminal session . ~/.bash_profile Download the CUDA 9.1 version of NVIDIA’s cuDNN GPU-accelerated libraries for deep neural networks. NVIDIA cuDNN lib extract those lib’s into the same directory you installed cuda-9.

Threadripper - Graphics Card Passthrough

Getting GPU passthrough to work with a host containing two NVIDIA GTX1080TI cards on Threadripper Note, These are somewhat old and there may be better ways available. See for more information. This tutorial may work better for you. Also here for the patched information. HOST : System Hosting the VM’s VM : System running as a VM System tutorial is for Fedora 27 Patching the kernel: This is the source for the patching instructions.

Rube Goldberg (VR)

One of the final projects for my Udacity VR Course was to build a Rube Goldberg machine. Udacity provided a set of textured models for objects and a play area. The student was instructed to create a tutorial, design object interactions, create an object menu with spawning, add some custom object physics, and define the gameplay. Here is a link to a video showing the game in action INTRO The idea behind this version of the Rube Goldberg machine was rather straight forward.

Udacity Education Project (VR)

This Udacity VR Showcase project is a sample of what education may look like in VR. The student is given stations that introduce a lesson concept and reinforce it through interaction, somewhat like a museum exhibit. VR is allowing for the gamification of education in exciting ways. Story of the process You don’t really have an appreciation of how much time goes into that last 10% of any project until you are faced with completing it yourself.

pfSense and Elastic Stack

pfSense is a great firewall and Elastic Stack is a great data understanding platform. I finally decided it was a good idea to use them together and see what I can see. I am working on the write-up, but for now you may find the pfSense logstash configuration file on my github page. pfSense logstockpile configuration file In short create a default deny on your WAN interface with logging set.

Kismet Convert

See for code. Script was inspired by and updated from this

Keyboard Heatmap

Puzzler (VR)

Welcome to “Puzzler”, a short Virtual Reality dungeon adventure puzzle game. You quest, should you choose to accept it, will be to make it through the dungeon and out the other side. Inside the dungeon you find the only way out is by solving a puzzle. Here is a link to a video showing the game in action Story of the process The Idea of Puzzler, how it would play, the scripted orb gameplay, and assets were supplied by Udacity as part of a project with the VR Developer Nanodegree program.


Presentations I have done.

Three Tests

Threejs Interaction Tests


ISO Grid Drawing

Animated Tangent Function

Expand Scene Three and enable the animated mass of sprites.

Scene One and Two are Point Map demonstrations.
Scene Four is just a mess.

A Straight Line Curves Diversion

A work in progress inspired by reading this piece from Ian Parberry

Lighted Moving Spheres

Lighted Tree

Orbiting Humming WebGL light

Wear Headphones. Demonstrates the use of Tone.js with Three.js

Bouncy Cubes

Cube and Sphere Animation


Broception is a 3d visualization tool for what state your network is in. Using the Bro Network Security Monitor and my Soapybrain visualization framework it will bring a visual representation of your networks current state as seen by Bro. Github Page :

Soapybrain Framework

Soapybrain is a graphics engine that grew from my desire to visualize the Mathographics book by Robert Dixon and OpenGL tutorials. It is slowly evolving as I move forward with learning 3d graphics.

Wayland Reference Material

The following items have been of use while learning Wayland and QtWayland for motorcar development.

Updating Motorcar

I have finally had time again to work on Motorcar . For now I put the Oculus SDK update on hold until they get a more stable version out. So my efforts have been working updating motorcar to use QtWayland stable. After this initial go here are some issues I am having.

Use CMake

Music tracks

Unity Demo Reels

Concepts I came up with using the Unity3d game engine. In the future I hope to have time to finish them.

New Site Using hugo


Miscellaneous items of interest to me So I don’t forget RFC for "Address Allocation for Private Internets" RFC for "Special-Use Domain Names" Windows is chatty. This is how to get it to shut the hell up. llmnr Protocol traffic Local Computer Policy Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Network DNS Client Turn off Multicast Name Resolution ssdp This is under windows services “SSDP Discovery” Go there and disable the service.