Rube Goldberg (VR)

One of the final projects for my Udacity VR course was to build a Rube Goldberg machine. Udacity provided a set of textured models for objects and a play area. Students were instructed to create a tutorial, design object interactions, create an object menu with spawning, add some custom object physics, and define the gameplay.

Udacity Education Project (VR)

This Udacity VR Showcase project is a sample of what education may look like in VR. The student is given stations that introduce a lesson concept and reinforce it through interaction, somewhat like a museum exhibit. VR is allowing for the gamification of education in exciting ways.

Kismet Convert

See for code. Script was inspired by and updated from this

Puzzler (VR)

Welcome to “Puzzler”, a short Virtual Reality dungeon adventure puzzle game. You quest, should you choose to accept it, will be to make it through the dungeon and out the other side. Inside the dungeon you find the only way out is by solving a puzzle.