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I decided to do Hacktoberfest https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/ and work on an open issue for Logstash.

Update It looks like that issue was from last year is never going to be resolved because of their transition to ECS conflicts with the customization of these fields. But if you are working on logstash documentation, the steps I took below will still apply.


Reading the issue, you can see it was created in 2017. Its intent has changed some, we will get into that later. For now, lets set up the environment.

    Install docker-ce. I did not get podman to work with this, nor can you use version docker version 1.13.

    disable selinux (yeah I know...)

Create working directory with clones of the the following

Short Example Directory Structure

    mkdir hacktoberfest
	cd hacktoberfest
	git clone https://github.com/<your_user_name>/logstash.git
	git clone https://github.com/elastic/logstash-docs.git
	git clone https://github.com/elastic/docs.git
	# docs logstash logstash-docs

Build the Documents

    From within the *./hacktoberfest/docs/* directory run the following command.
	python build_docs --doc ../logstash/docs/index.asciidoc --chunk 1 \
	 --open-resource ../logstash-docs/ --asciidoctor --lenient

Explanation of the extra flags

    '--open-resource ../logstash-docs/' adds the logstash-docs directory to the docker container that will host the documents.  This contains the plugin documentation

    '--asciidoctor' uses the asciidoctor instead of asciidoc

    '--lenient' ignores errors caused by linking non existent asciidoc sources